Cocktail kit


Pre-measured shot ingredients to mix up a cool and delicious cocktail. Choice of complete 400+ ml mojito or pîna colada, alongside a chic cocktail shaker, garnishes and instructions.

Mojito cocktail contains: 120ml tube white rum, 60 ml tubes sugar syrup and lime juice, 265 ml soda water, fresh lemon garnish, maraschino cherries garnish, mint leaves, cocktail shaker, straws.

Pina colada cocktail contains: 80 ml tubes of rum and cream of coconut, 240ml can of pineapple juice; fresh pineapple garnish, maraschino cherries garnish, cocktail shaker, straws, umbrella decorator.

130 NIS /£28.50/ 36 USD

*alcohol/rum hechsher chug chasam sofer Bnei Brak
Mint leaves under hashgacha and ready checked.
For fully Bdatz alternative, see below.

Optional 400ml Vodka Orange cocktail add-on for 45 NIS /£10/ 12.50 USD.
*This option uses Bdatz vodka, and can replace the mojito/pîna colada ingredients in the kit upon request, at no extra fee.

Optional add-on: nuts and dried mango/ candy and chocs in jars/babke
45 NIS /£10/ 12.50 USD

Whimsical Mishloach Manos

  • Chic, whimsical Mishloach Manos for Seminary girls, Bachurim and young couples in Jerusalem

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