ABout us:

Yummy Blessings 2.0 was created with a mission to spread a message. A message of support and empowerment to teens everywhere.

Our chocolate bars were designed to be more than just a delicious treat. They were designed with the intention to help kids feel seen. Each of our 6 flavors contains a motivational message on the wrapper, aimed at inspiring and uplifting the person that receives it. To reinforce the impact, every order includes a small note card with a prompt to fill in what you admire about the recipient or why you are proud of them. The combination of the empowering wrapper and the encouraging card will leave the recipient feeling loved and appreciated long after the chocolate is gone. So go ahead, give a gift, and help someone feel like the Yummy Blessing that they truly are!.

Our Story Collection was thoughtfully designed to give kids a voice. It was created to give them permission to look within themselves, note their blessings— their own mix of personality, experience, talents, and challenges— and highlight them. We want kids to know that they are a unique individual with their own story to tell—not the story that the world tells about them—the story that they want to tell about themselves.
So go ahead. Note your Blessings. And start Writing your Story.


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